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The MyICON Approach

  • Most firms can handle a piece or two of your financial life, but how many really understand the whole pie?
  • How do you know if they are qualified to provide the advice and direction you really need?
  • Do they possess a detailed knowledge of the multiple financial disciplines required to help you succeed?
  • How many realize that their fundamental purpose is to protect and look out for your best interests?

With over 75 years of combined firm experience, we have positioned MyICON as one of the industry’s leading independent, locally owned firms offering comprehensive financial planning and fee based wealth management. At MyICON, we offer more than just financial planning— it truly is holistic Life Planning.

Throughout the course of our working relationships, we become thoroughly involved with each clients’ complicated financial situation. Our clients retain us as their Personal CFO, helping them make multiple discoveries and decisions over their lifetimes based on their unique needs, wants, goals, dreams, and objectives.

Through our analytical processes and comprehensive advice, we offer our clients specific, needs-based recommendations and implementation strategies. Throughout our working relationships, we provide the necessary tools to help our clients most efficiently align their financial lives. We like to call this “Vision with Direction.”