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Financial Planning Process

Identify Goals

We will help you clearly identify and prioritize your goals, ambitions, and values to understand your dreams at a deep level. Knowing your goals and aspirations will be essential to working with you toward those goals

Gather Information

We understand that to help you make great financial decisions, we will need to have the most current information, documentation, and awareness around your current financial situation. Not to worry, we have plenty of tools to assist with this and will be here to help throughout this process

Propose and Help Implement Solutions

MyICON will propose and help you implement targeted strategies tailored specifically to address your needs, goals, and values. Our role is to help you fully understand the risks within your scenario and provide you with strategies to mitigate those risks

Track Progress

The most important part of our process is giving you the ongoing support and accountability you need to move closer to your destination. We will set out a schedule to meet face-to-face or over the phone (depending on your preference) multiples times each year to help keep you on track