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With over 75 years of combined firm experience, MyICON has positioned itself as among the industry’s leading financial planning and wealth management firms. Every one of our advisors has experience with different aspects of the financial industry and each one has reached the same conclusion: that there is a better way, the MyICON way. Our wealth management model is built on our conviction that our client’s interests, concerns, goals, and dreams should come before our own. It is this philosophy with which MyICON was founded and continues to operate today.


The concept of independence is so deeply ingrained into our way of doing business that it is part of our name: MyICON stands for “Independent Capital Optimization Network.” We are not owned by a bank, a brokerage firm, or insurance company and are committed to maintaining that ideal. MyICON is 100% independent and family-owned. Individuals like you are our only clients. We have no investment banking department and no self-produced or proprietary investment or insurance products to objective with our client’s best interests, freeing us to choose the best investment for each specific client portfolio and circumstance. We craft every portfolio from the ground up with only our client’s unique needs in mind.


Through the clients and families we have helped over the years, we have lived hundreds of “financial lives,” an experience which has expanded both the breadth and depth of our relationships as well as the quality of our advice. MyICON’s wealth management team has over 75 years of combined experience tempering our client’s enthusiasm in up markets (when everything is going well) and encouraging prudent and pro-active decision-making in down markets (during times of turmoil). The experience of guiding clients through multiple market and business cycles offers the reassurance and confidence that our long-term approach is a philosophy we are committed to.


Each of our advisors maintains multiple advanced professional designations and/or degrees, including:


There are many ways which MyICON helps clients identify and work toward their goals. MyICON was founded on the principles of independence, a belief that experience is an irreplaceable component to weathering the financial world and the challenge of maintaining the highest level of financial knowledge and technical proficiency. With that said, the single greatest reason for MyICON’s client success is our unwavering dedication to the highest moral and ethical standards possible. Each of our advanced designations has a significant ethical component to them. MyICON maintains the uppermost fiduciary standard when acting as our client’s trusted Personal CFO. Our singular focus is you!