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Our Clients

We work best with individuals, families, and businesses using a fee-based financial planning model first, before we assist with asset management and other implementation strategies. Comprehensive planning provides us with a roadmap for each client’s unique situation and needs.

Clients we work best with:

  • Seek independent, unbiased holistic advice on all areas of their financial lives
  • Busy professionals wanting to retain a Personal CFO to keep their financial lives on track
  • Ready and willing to partner with MyICON to simplify and improve their lives
  • Realize that investment decisions are more complicated than buying and selling and desire an understandable, transparent, and comprehensive investment strategy
  • Near retirees looking to design an income distribution strategy or individuals who worry about market volatility
  • Retirees concerned with making sure their assets last as long as they do
  • Individuals and couples seeking an advisor to help oversee all aspects of their financial lives and help plan for “known unknowns” as well as “unknown unknowns”

If you would like a complimentary independent opinion, please contact us.