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Typical Questions that we answer for our clients

Financial Planning:

    • What is financial planning?
    • How much do we need to save for our education goals?
    • Are my rental properties good investments?
    • Can we afford a second home?
    • What do I need to consider in starting / selling a business?

    Retirement Income Planning:

    • Am I saving enough?
    • When can we retire?
    • When should I take Social Security? Are there strategies to maximize how much I receive?
    • Can you project multiple “what if” retirement scenarios?
    • How much should I budget for health care during retirement?
    • Will my money last as long as I do?
    • How do we develop an effective Retirement Income distribution plan, and how do we determine which assets to pull from first/last and how much from each?

    Asset Management:

    • What is asset allocation?
    • What does diversification really mean?
    • How do I protect my portfolio from inflation?
    • Should we invest ‘actively’ or ‘passively’?
    • What are ‘alternative’ asset classes? Should we invest in them?
    • What is the right allocation for me today? What should it be when I retire?

    Tax Planning:

    • How do we reduce income taxes?
    • Can you coordinate with my current CPA? How do I find a good accountant?
    • Which accounts should we draw from when?
    • When should I exercise stock awards?
    • Should I contribute to a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k)?
    • Would we benefit from a Roth conversion?

    Estate Planning:

    • Do I need a will? What happens if I die without a will?
    • What happens to our kids if we died?
    • Do I need a living trust?
    • Are our accounts registered correctly?
    • What should I be doing now to prepare?
    • Can you help us develop charitable / philanthropic giving strategies?
    • How do I efficiently pass wealth to my children / grandchildren?
    • Will I owe estate taxes? What strategies can I use to minimize them?
    • Can you coordinate with our current or recommend a good estate attorney?
    • How long should I plan to live?

    Risk Management:

    • How do I best protect my family?
    • How much life insurance do we need? Should it be permanent or term?
    • Am I paying too much for home and auto insurance?
    • What is umbrella coverage and do I need it?
    • When should we consider long-term care insurance?
    • Am I selecting the right employee benefits?

    Cash Management:

    • How do we develop a sustainable spending plan?
    • Do I have enough saved for a Rainy Day?
    • Where is the best place to have our savings?
    • Can I spend more or give more without feeling guilty?
    • Am I spending too much?

    Liability Management:

      • Should I refinance my mortgage? Is it worth paying points?
      • Should I save or pay off my loan?
      • Where is the best source of financing?
      • Is it better to lease or buy a vehicle?
      • How important is it to be debt-free at retirement?